Benefits and costs
of using Quick Look Media's National Art and Craft Directory

Advertise goods, materials, services and resources

Subscribe to our National Art and Craft Directory as a Resource Provider

  • Gallery owners, manufacturers and suppliers of art and craft related materials and goods, and those who supply services and other related resources can advertise on this site for an annual payment of £40.00, plus VAT. There are no other charges. Quick Look Media Limited do not act as selling agents and do not charge or seek payment of commission, fees or premiums on the sale of your products or services. Purchase transactions will be between yourself and the buyer, or other agent appointed by you.
  • You do not need your own website. You will have your own Gallery Page on which you may display your Logo; up to ten images; information about your product; extracts from your brochure; details of forthcoming shows; sales, etc. You can change your images and details as often as required to keep your Gallery Page up-to-date and looking fresh.
  • Your Gallery Page can show your images, your business statement, contact details and a link to your own website and blog, if you have these.
  • Your logo, brief description and one image, will appear randomly on the Resources Home Page, and then again in random order within the results of searches for a particular category (although there is provision for a user to specify search results by alphabetical order).