Benefits and costs
of using Quick Look Media's National Art and Craft Directory

Find out more about the benefits and costs of registering or subscribing to our National Art and Craft Directory

Anyone may search for art and craft work on this website free of charge and buy items directly from the Artist/Maker using our email link, by telephone, through the artist or craft maker's own website link, or by visiting or contacting one of the locations where their work is displayed.

As a registered Viewer you will also benefit from other features of this website such as the ability to shortlist works of art, favourite artists and craft makers, and be alerted to new submissions by them. You will also be able to post events, competitions and commissions for new work.

Professional artists and craft makers may register as an Artist/Maker and display their work in their own Gallery Page for a fixed annual charge. You will be able to add images of your work, profile information, contact details, links to your website/blog, show where and when you are exhibiting on a visual calendar, respond to commissions submitted to the site, and respond to direct sales requests.

Manufacturers or suppliers of art and craft related materials, goods, resources and services may register as a Resource Provider and advertise in the resources area of this site for a fixed annual cost.